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Kirsa qualified as a Beauty Specialist and Therapist after completing a two year full time course at a leading UK institution, successfully graduating with Internationally recognised Diplomas.

She has worked in the profession for over 20 years and founded her own clinic in Jersey almost 15 years ago.

Whilst always being an active practitioner, Kirsa has kept her skills and knowledge up to date through regular attendance at the best training courses. More recently she has specialised in advanced non-invasive treatments to advise on relevant skin conditions, to treat and rectify skin ailments and to rejuvenate ageing complexions.

She is fully trained, qualified and insured for all the procedures she offers her clients.

Kirsa works closely in association with medical practitioners and surgeons in related fields who have confidence in her skills and treatments, often referring patients to her.

Her objective is to make skin appear naturally healthy, radiant and firm....therefore younger. She wants her clients to be complimented on “you look well!” rather than “what have you had done?”

She has treatments to recommend for all skin types, conditions and ages and will be delighted to discuss  her ideas with a you at a free initial consultation.

Kirsa is recognised by Jersey’s After Breast Cancer Charity and the breast consultant surgeon
as the certified areola and nipple tattooist following mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.


Plasma Pen fibroblasting is a highly versatile, non-surgical procedure that’s stunningly effective in wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening & eyelid hood reduction. It treats, repairs, lifts, regenerates & rejuvenates almost any area of the skin & spectacularly improves & brightens skin tone, laxity & texture, significantly tightens loose skin & dramatically reduces & plumps out lines & wrinkles. Results from our pioneering Plasma Pen soft-surgery, sublimation treatment & technique are virtually immediate & incredibly long lasting.

Plasma Pen can be used for advanced techniques such as scar and stretch mark removal, broken capillary breakdown (up to 5mm diameters), melasma and age spot removal as well as a progressive full face lift and THE lip flip. Skin tags, warts and moles can also be treated successfully with Plasma Pen.


How it works

Through this hand held device, plasma (an ionised gas) breaks through all the layers of the epidermis right down to the basal layer. This causes micro trauma, encouraging the synthesis of new collagen and elastin.

Prices vary according to area size and technique required:
Upper eyelids from £400
Crows feet from £300
Lower eyelids and bags from £400
Forehead from £750
Lines around the lips from £300
Neck from £500

Plasma Pen Advanced

Please note that more than one treatment is normally required for the desired effect. Follow up treatments are recommended 4 weeks apart. Longer for body areas.Prices vary according to area size and technique required
Skin tags from £30
Moles (must have written doctors consent) from £80
Décolletage/chest from £500
Skin resurfacing from £100
Stomach/stretch marks from £750

Plasma Pen also has a thermal, and a fractional tip. They work superficially on the epidermis creating heat within the skin, stimulating collagen that is already present. This causes tissue contraction and tightening of the skin with immediate results with no discomfort or down time. Products such as hyaluronic acid, growth factors, peptides and vitamins are used during this Plasma Pen rejuvenation facial and these are pushed down into the skin throughout the treatment.

A course of 6 is recommended. Each treatment is given with a two week interval.

Each Plasma Pen Rejuvenation Facial is £100 or the course of 6 is £550. Combined microdermabrasion and Plasma Pen rejuvenation facial is £165 or a course of 6 is £800.

10 mins of red light therapy following any Plasma Pen treatment to the face is £20 (red light therapy promotes faster healing and further collagen synthesis and tissue repair).



Microdermabrasion is a technique that uses a controlled jet of fine inert crystals vacuumed across the skin to remove dead and damaged skin cells from the top layers of the epidermis. Sebum secretions are easily removed in a non-traumatic way. This treatment can give good results as a one off treatment or can be useful as part of a combined programme of treatments to help escalate results. An immediate brightening effect is seen and skin appears smoother, softer and more even toned.
Microdermabrasion £79
Microdermabrasion and mask £88
Microdermabrasion and Transderm £165


Transderm Meso System is the only system cleared by the FDA as an alternative to injections, based on dermoelectroporation technology, which is capable of delivering accurate amounts of products such as collagen, vitamins, elastine, hyaluronic acid, peptides etc. into the dermis of the skin. The results of this can rejuvenate, revitalise and hydrate as well as promote collagen production. From the very first treatment results are impressive. A course of Transderm is advisable to achieve the best outcome. A course consists of 1 Microdermabrasion session followed by Transderm and then a weekly Transderm for the following 3 weeks.
Course of 4 Transderm with 1 Microdermabrasion £400


A safe, simple and virtually pain-free treatment for

  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Lack of skin firmness and elasticity
  • Acne and chicken pox scars
  • Enlarged pores
  • Sun damage

Skin needling is a safe and increasingly popular skin renewal technique to restore the healthy youthful appearance of your skin at a fraction of the cost of comparable treatments and with minimal or zero downtime. This treatment produces similar results to Fraxel, Pixel laser and deep chemical peels, but is much less invasive and does NOT require removal of the skin surface. Visible signs of skin rejuvenation are seen after just 6-8 weeks following procedure and continue to improve for up to a year.

Dermapen™ is the chosen device to achieve these results. It is an electrical handheld pen like device with multiple micro needles that are inserted into the skin at a rapid speed. It can be used to treat the delicate areas around the nose, eyes and lips. It is much faster than the manual skin rolling device and has a more accurate deliverance of needle depth and consistency.
£300 per treatment (includes products)
£150 one area (ie around mouth area)


The ultimate in Skin Rejuvenation! The skin is first prepared by a Microdermabrasion session which is then followed by a chemical skin resurfacer. The client then returns the following day for a Medical Skin Needling procedure. Immediately after this the Transderm Meso System is used to transport a mixture of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the dermis. This compares favourably with Fraxel, deep skin peels and Thermage without a long period of downtime. Downtime is usually only 48hrs and results are immediate due to the skin plumping effect of Transderm. Visible improvements continue from day 1 to 6/9 months later. A booster treatment is recommended 6 to 9 months following the first procedure.
£510 per treatment



ACP treatments using electrolysis are becoming increasingly popular. A wide diversity of skin blemishes can be quickly and easily treated with immediate and effective results. Skin blemishes such as thread veins, milia, skin tags, spider naevus, blood spots, warts and seborrhoeic warts can all be treated.
From £75


Facial Mesotherapy is a treatment delivering nourishing substances into the layers of the skin via micro injections using a hand held device (Pistor Eliance gun). Vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all naturally occurring in the skin but which degrade, are used to encourage cell repair and growth improving the appearance of dull, tired looking, dry and lifeless skin. It manages superficial wrinkles and pigmentation providing radiance and plumpness to the skin. The treatment includes a light chemical resurfacer. Initially a course of 6 sessions is advised every 7 to 10 days with maintenance of 1 treatment a month.
£200 for face and back of hands
£1000 for a course of 6 sessions


This is a procedure by which pigment is implanted into the skin to create a natural looking enhancement to your features. You can have perfectly shaped brows, lipliner and smudgeproof eyeliner lasting between 18 months to 5 years.

The treatments themselves have progressed significantly in recent years, and with the introduction of digital machines and purpose formulated pigments, we are now able to offer stunning results!

The treatments are relatively pain-free, and recovery time is minimal with results lasting longer than ever before.

Semi Permanent Cosmetics are ideal for:
• People with an active lifestyle
• People with allergies to makeup
• Alopecia suffers
• People with thinning eyebrows
• People with no time to apply, or re-apply their makeup
• People with hayfever or watery eyes

All prices for Semi Permanent Makeup include a follow up treatment 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure.


Choose from a range of styles such as powdered, or hairstroke, designed to complement your facial contours.
Prices start from
Eyebrows £400 • Microblade £400


Upper, lower, or both - it’s your choice. We can even create a lash enhancement if it’s a subtle effect you’re looking for. Our Eyeliner treatments are ideal for those with an active lifestyle - or those who want their eyes to have extra ‘WOW’ factor.
Upper eyeliner £300 • Lower eyeliner £300
Both together £500
Eyelash Enhancement £250



Perfect for sumptuous, defined lips with a natural look. Adds contour to ageing lips, and with a blend gives a plumped appearance. Excellent for lipstick wearers.
Lips £450



Dr. Schrammek products are made with 100% natural herbs. There are 3 levels of treatment available in the clinic – a Green Peel Fresh Up will illuminate the skin; A Green Peel Energy will stimulate the skin; a Green Peel Classic renews the skin after visible peeling. The Classic is a 2 stage treatment with 5 days between the initial and complete facial.
Green Peel Fresh Up £80
Green Peel Energy £85
Green Peel Classic £250 (includes follow up and home care products)


Using Dermaquest products, there is a wide range of effective skin resurfacers and peels to manage skin conditions such as sun damage, pigmentation, acne, scarring and ageing.

Resurfacing treatments encourage the skin to exfoliate sooner than normal and there is little or no down time with these treatments. Peels exfoliate more layers of skin where there is some down time and skin peeling is visible during this period.
Facials range start from £79


Glycolic Acid Resurfacer, Level I and II

This deeply exfoliating treatment uses a unique blend of anti-ageing ingredients to retexture damaged skin. £79

Lactic Acid Resurfacer

This resurfacer is gentle while actively exfoliating for an even skin tone and is an unrivalled moisture magnet. £79

Power Peptide Resurfacer

Our most advanced anti-ageing resurfacer yet, ideal for those in need of advanced wrinkle correction, particularly from UV damage. £79

Primary/Power Pumpkin Resurfacer

Designed to meet the needs of those with acne concerns and enlarged pores. this resurfacer improves the tone and texture of the skin. £79

Salicylic Acid Resurfacer

This resurfacer reduces redness and inflammation associated with acne as it prevents future breakouts. £85


Modified Jessner’s Peel

This peel manages acne, preventing persistent breakouts, calming current blemishes, and correcting post-acne discolouration. £150


This peel brightens skin and creates an even skin tone as it lifts dark spots and pigmentation. £140

TCA/Salicylic Acid Peel

This potent anti-ageing peel was formulated to combat severe photo damage, distended pores, wrinkles and sagging skin. £150

C Infusion Peel

This peel brightens and hydrates as it removes layers of sluggish skin cells. Ferulic acid, orange stem cells, and a plethora of plant extracts infuse the tissues with the antioxidants and hydrating properties to contribute to barrier repair. £140

Hibiscus Flower Mandelic Peel

This gently brightening peel has been specifically engineered to treat undesired hyperpigmenation from the skin resulting in a healthier and brighter complexion. £140

Plus there is a range of bespoke peels for all skin problems and conditions.


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